Choreographies of the ensemble are based on traditional folklore dances and songs of Myjava region like slovenčina, starobabská, ukľakovaný, verbunk or čardáš. Our repertoire reflects elements of traditional life in our region in the past, including topics like:

Recruiting for War

Depicts the recruitment of village boys for war and their dance contests with unique specific music.

Hard Labour

Dances illustrate the way how our ancestors worked hard on fields but remained cheerful nevertheless.

Folk Festivities

The most popular opportunities for demonstrating dancing or singing skills were festivities with lively music. Boys and girls showed their affection via pair dance here.

Urban Dances

Choreography shows typical Myjava fairs and markets of the past and everything that was associated with them.

Solo Dances in Front of the Band

These traditional dances like starobabská, verbunk, ukľakovaná či vyhadzovaná blend into brilliant musical and dancing skills of our soloists.

Making Love to Girls

Making love to girls, engagements, and weddings were part of our ancestors’ lives, and we love to remind it via traditional dances and songs.